35 best Google Chrome extensions for digital marketers


If you’re a digital marketer, you spend, well, basically your whole day with a browser open in front of you. Here’s a list of 35 Google Chrome extensions that will help you tremendously with your job, SEO, productivity, lead generation, etc. 

Alexa Traffic Rank – See the Alexa rank of a web site you’re visiting with just a click. (Chrome)

Appspector – Allows you to inspect web framework, CMS and JS library on a page you’re visiting. (Chrome)

Bitly – Shorten your links, play with them and track them after they are shared. (Chrome)

Buffer – Hey, it’s Buffer! No explanation needed here. (Chrome)

Check My Links – Great extension that lets you analyze web pages and see if there are any broken links on them so you can fix them. (Chrome)

ColorZilla – A tool that enables you to pick a color off a webpage and get the hex and RGB values that you can then use in another program. (Chrome)

Corporate Ipsum – This is a rather light hearted one. It generates generic corporate Lorem ipsum should you need it for whatever reason. (Chrome)

DrumUp – This extension shows you related content to what you’re currently reading. Useful for content research. (Chrome)

Email Auto Extractor – Extracts all email addresses in a web page of your choosing. Great for amassing lead prospects. (Chrome)

Email Hunter – Another great email gatherer. (Chrome)

Evernote Web Clipper – The best article management tool out there. (Chrome)

Followr – Automate your Twitter following building. Followr lets you set up a list of topic to favorite and then automatically favorites a small number of tweets that fall under categories of your choosing. (Chrome)

Google Analytics Debugger – Prints useful information to the Javascript console. Good for checking if your GA setup is done correctly. (Chrome)

Google Page Analytics – Quickly enter most relevant Google Analytics metric. (Chrome)

Google Scholar Button – Great for anyone who has to do any kind of research for their content. (Chrome)

Grammarly – An impressively powerful automated grammar and spelling checker. (Chrome)

Linkclump – Open multiple links at once by dragging a selection box. Saves a lot of time in the long run if you do a lot of browsing and research. (Chrome)

LongURL – Useful if you want to extend every short URL you stumble upon. (Chrome)

Majestic Backlink Analyzer – Analyse who is linking to you and how good is your page in terms of SEO and backlink portfolio. (Chrome)

Mozbar – One of the most popular SEO browser extensions that shows you relevant SEO metrics and difficulty of ranking for certain keywords. (Chrome)

Page load time – A neat little extension that tells you the page load time of the web page you select. Since page load time influences SEO, this is something that is worth having. (Chrome)

Pocket – I’m obsessed with Pocket so of course I’m going to include it here. Just click on the icon and the article you’re reading is saved for later. (Chrome)

Pushbullet – Connect your smartphone and computer to send and receive messages (text, app and social media) and files. Saves tons of time. (Chrome)

Rapportive – Learn more about your gmail contacts. (Crome)

Related Content by Zemanta – If you’re a blogger, this extension helps you improve SEO and engagement by recommending images, articles, and tags while you write articles. (Chrome)

Scraper – collects various data from websites and organizes them in spreadsheets. (Chrome)

Sellhack – Helps you collect leads via various social networks. (Chrome)

SEOquake – My favourite extension, SEOquake is a powerful SEO extension that enables you to evaluate web pages and view loads of relevant SEO parameters. Extremely useful for quick SEO analysis of your web site and your competition, especially for those who find tools such as MOZ to be too expensive. Note – the extension uses a lot of resources so make sure to close all unnecessary tabs and processes. (Chrome)

SEO Global For Google Search – An extension that allows you to see how Google search results appear in different countries and regions. (Chrome )

Tag Assistant – Helps you with installation of various Google tags. (Chrome)

The Great Suspender – Automatically suspends unused browser tabs. (Chrome)

timeStats – Easy to use extension that tracks how much time you’re spending on various sites you visit. (Chrome)

vidIQ Vision for YouTube – vidIQ allows you to see the metrics behind every Youtube video, such as social engagement which greatly helps you in discovering what makes a certain video popular. (Chrome)

Wappalyzer – This extension shows you which technologies were used on websites. Though not 100% precise, it’s a nice feature should you want to see what your competition uses. (Chrome)

Window Resizer – See how your content looks across various devices. (Chrome)