4 questions to ask yourself if you don’t see results from your Facebook page


Some time ago we received an email from one company owner who asked us for some advice on Facebook. The owner wasn’t particularly happy with the results of her company’s Facebook page. We immediately asked her about goals and results that she expected and she replied that she was looking forward to getting some kind of inquiry from fans related to the service she is offering. Completly realistic goal and expectation. We went to her page and noticed a few problems. As our answer would be far too long, we decided to write an article about it.

Set your goals.

Did you set up realistic goals?

Getting inquiries about your services is a completely realistic and achievable goal. Different companies have different goals. Some want to raise brand awareness, some want to be more present on social media to keep their fans (which doesn’t need to be a lot of, but it is important to be connected with them)  updated about their business. It is extremely important to set that goal. The goal of 10 new clients in the first month of your Facebook activity, in most cases, is not realistic.

How many fans do you have?

We know we always tell that number of fans is not the key to success. And it´s really not. But you can’t expect that you will sell something through Facebook if you have 20 fans and 19 of them are your friends who you’ve invited to like your page. They already know you and if they need your service they will contact you directly and not through your Facebook page. You need to attract new targeted users through Facebook ads so that they are aware of your service and eventually become your fans and like your page. Because there’s no way that new people will find you if you don’t promote your content. So, read our ebook on Facebook advertising and launch your own Ad campaign. Is it worth the money? Well, calculate your cost. If you invest X amount of money and get one client, will you cover invested amount? And what if you get two clients?

What kind of content are you publishing?

We already wrote about quality community management. You can’t expect huge success if you only write about yourself. Unless that is your goal. Write about your industry, show your knowledge on different relevant topics for your business, share related news to show that you know about recent trends. Shortly said, be active. Work on building a influence in your area and become a company that their fans will come to if they have a problem. Just like this company owner came to us with her question because she knew we work with social media. This is a process which demands time and you can’t expect quick results. Your thinking process should be same as for Facebook ads. If I get one new (long-term) client in one year, how much revenue will he bring me and was invested time worth it? You have to keep in mind that social media is not something you can do periodically or when you remember to do it. It is important to be constantly present and communicate with your fans. Sooner or later you will see results.

The conversation prism thumb

What about other social media channels?

A huge problem that we noticed, in this case, is that company didn´t have a web page. In a business where you get the majority of clients through recommendations, it is not easy to get new clients through social media. The ones who do show interest in your services want to look your web page and get more information about your work. A web page is a must-have on which you can then attach your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, newsletter and so. Working without functioning web page can even be considered unprofessional if I can say so.

Think about social media other than Facebook. Twitter doesn’t have the same kind of popularity in every country. Pinterest and Instagram are amazing if you have great visual content. Google+ is great to support optimization of your web page. LinkedIn is great for making business connections. So think about creating other social media accounts to raise your chances of getting new clients. Because the probability of getting new clients only through Facebook without existing web page is quite low.

Social media is not a simple or easy way of promotion. It is not enough to only open up accounts or web pages and wait for results to happen. You need to invest a lot of time and effort to achieve your goals, but as we already said, they need to be realistic. Unfortunately, many companies open their social media accounts, they are active for a few weeks and if they don’t see results immediately they give up and think that social media is not suitable for marketing.

Maybe they need to ask themselves these 4 questions first.

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