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Social Media for Small Business – Building Brand Awareness – 7 Tips


Have you ever bought a product just because it was from a big, widely known brand? Of course, you have, everyone has. You did that because of the quality brand awareness those brands have. They were doing their best throughout the years to become known for doing business in a certain way.

Quality brand awareness really is something worth building. When taken to a whole other level, it makes it easier for you to sell your product/service. Why? Because you’re known, and you have a larger number of loyal customers that are doing part of the marketing for you.

Just because you’re not a big brand, or you’re not a brand at all, doesn’t mean you can’t raise awareness of your business. Nowadays, social media is your best option. Here’s why in 7 points.

Free start

Starting doesn’t cost you money, only your time. Create a Facebook/Instagram Page, put in your working hours, write a little bit about your store, upload photos of your products… You can do all of that without any cost, and it will definitely benefit you. At least put in what you do and where are you located. That will make it easier for people in your area that are searching for something you might offer.

Location targeting

When we talk about Facebook advertising, a feature that definitely sticks out is excellent location targeting. You can target people by cities, regions, countries… but most importantly for small businesses, by pin drop.
Let’s say that you are a small, new, restaurant in New York. Would you like to target someone that is so far away that he/she will never come to your place?
With Facebook advertising, you can target people that are in a 1,2,3,4… mile radius from your restaurant whether they are just passing through, or are living in that area. Depends on which people you want to reach.

Demographics targeting

What if you sell makeup? Maybe you’d want to target men, but let’s say you’re not. 😀
You can target people by gender, age (just don’t advertise alcohol to minors), education, financial income, relationship status, work industry, job title… even life events.
Selling baby clothes? Target new parents and maybe even friends of those people.

Interests & Behaviours targeting

Selling something specific that not everyone would buy? Something like board games? Are you inviting fans of a certain football club to an event? Target by that same interest!
You can target people who are often traveling, who are members of a certain ethnic group (the US only)… Go and look for yourself, surely something can be useful. 


You can also exclude people by these same targeting options. Maybe you are inviting open-minded people to an event in your area. Then you definitely don’t want to target conservative people. Exclude them!

Strengthening loyalty and customer satisfaction

All of the said above options can be great for reaching out to people. Once they become your customers, there’s a great little option that a lot of businesses forget and that is called Reviews. Having great reviews can be really useful for acquiring new customers. After all, a recommendation is always the best referral. If you have a satisfied customer, ask them to leave a review on your Page!

Great way to increase customer retention and satisfaction is remarketing – advertising to people who have somehow engaged with you before. But not a lot of advertisers use all of its power! Take a look at what you can do with it.


Here it is, a couple of starting points for you to build your brand awareness. Download our ebook to get started, it’s a great guide for beginners!